Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Dead to the world," a poem by Amalia Zents

"There was a time
When I was Dead to the World.
It was so unusual, they said, for such a pretty girl.
Monologing endlessly, I spoke into the air,
Expressing a heart full of woe and pain,
Revealing a heart full of care.
Not noticing the furrowed fields or tiered and fluffy clouds,
Just chatting nervously apace, I worried right out loud.
Every second seemed to me, like heavy iron lead.
Forelorn, adrift, in empty space, I was alive but dead.
People couldn't seem to understand how I could be so blind
I could not see what was outside while locked inside my mind.
No peace had I inside my soul, a bird without a landing;
Yet as the years rolled by I changed, and now I'm understanding.
As I matured and found true love,
my eyes began to see;
A door which once was locked to me,
opened wide and set me free!!!

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